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JACS Spotlight feature.

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The distribution of ZnO in alkaline Zn anodes is a strong function of how the cell was discharged, i.e. pulsed vs. continuous.



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Stability of NMC811 is achieved by doping Ti at the particle surface.


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Cover art feature.

A review paper on EDXRD for battery analysis, mostly highlighting work from the NSLS.


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Publications Prior to Northeastern University


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A modern literature survey of zinc alkaline anodes with levelized performance metrics and experimental assessment of leading formulations.

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A deep cycling MnO2 cathode at high areal capacity.


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The spinels ZnMn2O4 (hetaerolite) and Mn3O4 (hausmannite) form at the same state of discharge in alkaline MnO2 cathodes.


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An in situ study of the series of discharged materials produced in cylindrical alkaline Zn-MnO2 batteries at various rates.

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Localized MnO2 states-of-charge calculated from EDXRD of a recharging D cell battery. Our first work on operando EDXRD.

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Study of a Bi additive that greatly reduces dendrites for Zn anodes deposited from a flowing electrolyte.

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A 25 kWh flow-assisted Zn battery.


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A study of Zn dendrites deposited from flowing alkaline electrolyte.


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An osmium-mediated laccase cathode producing remarkably high current.


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A series of Os redox polymers used as mediators for laccase cathodes. My PhD dissertation work.

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A review on enzymatic biofuel cells. I wrote the section on Os coordination compounds.

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