Group members

Principle Investigator

Joshua Gallaway

I’m an electrochemist who studies questions of energy production and storage. Electrochemistry is the field concerned with chemical reactions that involve electrons, either as reactants or products. My work is experimental in nature, and seeks to control the performance of complex electrochemical systems based on the fundamental phenomena found within them. Some examples of complex electrochemical systems that are important for energy are batteries, fuel cells, and photoelectrochemical cells.

PhD Students

Benjamin Howell
BS, Chemical Engineering, Ohio University at

Redox-active ionic liquids.

Matthew Kim
BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Arizona
kim.matth at

Intercalation hosts for battery cathodes.

Alyssa Stavola
BS, Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University
stavola.a at

State of charge and health tracking of alkaline batteries.

MS Students

Pushkar Gokhale
B Tech, Chemical Engineering, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology
gokhale.p at

Full electrochemical cell modeling.

Zhicheng Lu
BS, Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University
lu.zhi at

Multiscale cathode modeling.

Undergraduate Students

Sofia Catalina
Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University, expected May 2020
catalina.s at

Tristan Owen
Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University
owen.t at

Katelyn Ripley
Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University
ripley.k at