How many peer reviews do you do in a year?

I have a folder where I put all the files I create while peer reviewing a manuscript. This weekend I finished the fourth of 2016, and I usually assume the fourth will be the last. I wondered if that was always true. By counting up the files in this folder, I was able to see how many I had done each year, plotted below.

peer reviews chart

Four is in fact the most common number (the “mode” in this dataset, if you will). But what happened in 2013 and why did I do eight? By the way, I also see one of those had three revisions.

Update October 2016: I spoke too soon. I’m going to hit nine this year. You’re welcome, editors.

Update January 2017: Final tally: eleven. I believe in my heart of hearts the late-breaking rush was due to my tempting fate with this very post.